When You Decenter Men You Destabilize Them. So Why Are Women Doing It?

While we are on the top of decentering men, can we get “men hating” out of the way?

Jessey Anthony
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Decentering Men Why Women Need to Focus On Themselves More
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We live in a world where everything a woman does revolves around men. But when women exclude men in their lives, all hell lets loose and suddenly, “women hate men.”

Whenever women decide to do something for themselves without involving men, men slap on the “hating” tag.

If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, it’s because men can’t stand her. If she wants to go to a concert by herself, then she doesn’t have a bf/husband to accompany her. If she wears a short skirt, she does so to provoke men.

And if you so much as say you don’t need a man to make you happy, then you are definitely a “man-hater.”


How does centering your life around you become the emancipation of another person?

What’s more intriguing about detoxifying men in our lives is that men are oblivion about the consequences of their actions.

Every time you tell a woman she’s nothing without you, she dries her tears, gets her act together and becomes ten times better than you imagined. The deceit, lies, cheating and beating women receive from their male partners only make them stronger and more resilient.

And finally, we are at a crossroad where women no longer depend on men for sustenance. Most of us would rather be single than put up with half-ass men who do nothing but degrade our self-worth and confidence.

There is too much of a focus on men’s opinions and preferences and it’s all a distraction. And no matter how much you fit into their box, it won’t shield you from disappointment because men are clueless about who they are.

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