Surprising Reasons Why You Are Still Fat Despite Losing Muscles

Weight loss and fat loss are not the same. You might be focusing on the wrong goal

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight When I Exercise and Diet
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Most women who are overweight blame it on birth control or pregnancy. When you weigh more than your normal body size, you feel heavy. You may experience difficulty in breathing, and sometimes you may find it difficult to walk.

Feeling good about your body isn’t always easy when you’re overweight. You’re embarrassed for taking too much space on the bus or in the office cafeteria.

People look at you, and their eyes scan your body from head to toe. You feel bullied, slighted, and ridiculed.

I used to hide in my room when I was fat. I would avoid going to function with my friends and family because I didn’t want to be criticized for my size.

Losing pregnancy weight was a struggle for me as a depressed disabled mom. I was in a dark place. I think lack of physical activity contributed to my weight gain. I lived a sedentary life the first few months after my accident.

Most of the time, I was either seated or lying down. Gradually, my weight increased from 112 pounds to 187 pounds. I got irritated whenever I looked in the mirror.

Obesity can also have a profound effect on your mental health. You may feel frustrated, angry, and depressed when you reach a breaking point.

But there are more worrisome health risks associated with obesity. Being overweight significantly increases the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, which stops blood flow to the brain.

If you are overweight, losing that excess fat can be quite a challenge. Losing just 5–10% of your current weight can lower your risk of developing these health problems.

Why you should worry about excess body fat

Everyone needs excess body fat to stay healthy. But too much, especially around the waist, puts your health at risk.

The amount of energy in foods or drinks is measured in kilocalories (kcal), commonly called calories.

If you eat and drink more calories than you consume, your body stores the excess…



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