She’s a Pro in the Bedroom If She Does These Things

Sexy tips every woman needs in her arsenal.

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Now that men care more about body count than sex, you might be thinking this is not a good time to have another trick that boosts your sexual skills.

Well, like it or not, your man would want you to blow his mind every time you have sex with him. And just like food wins a man’s heart, sex seals your place in his life.

Sex requires some emotional and physical commitment to be fun and knowing what your partner wants (both physically and emotionally) before, during, and after sex is what makes it amazing.

Thanks to our sister’s oxytocin and vasopressin we know how exciting sexual pleasure can be.

These two brain receptors regulate complex social cognition and behaviors, such as attachment, social exploration, recognition, and aggression, as well as anxiety, fear conditioning, and fear extinction.

By knowing about a man’s emotional triggers, you can maneuver the sensation in his body and brain to give him maximum pleasure, which is a sex goddess’s secret weapon.

How to know if you possess this secret weapon and how you can learn to be a sex goddess will be our primary focus of this article.

Without further introduction, let’s get on with the five skills that prove you are a sex goddess.

You have mastered the art of erotic massage

Massage is not just for relaxation. It is a great way to maintain that physical connection with your man while prolonging his arousal.

Massage is also a way to honor a man’s sexuality. From a young age, boys turn to their penis for comfort, pleasure, escape, or relief from their desire. However, behind that pleasure are some guilt and shame too.

Sex goddesses know this emotional side of a man, so they give extra attention to their penis because it means a lot to them.

Men like nothing more than a girl who works their erogenous zones before or after sex. Their body is sensitive when aroused, and can be painful. But a massage before and after sex helps to relieve the tension rushing through his veins.



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