How Men Destroyed Society Began with Petty Privileges

Let’s talk about ‘that guy’ that thinks he’s always right.

Jessey Anthony


How Male Entitlement Hurts Women
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I thought Rowan was the cutest guy on earth when he walked into our meeting with a lingerie company hiring me as their spokesperson. He was the campaign manager. I was going to work with him on a daily basis.

With his charming demeanour, it would be a waste if women weren’t drooling over him. I was captivated by his scent within two minutes as he briskly made eye contact with me across the table.

Sure, Jess. Go for it. I thought.

When he asked me out for lunch, I accepted. Oh, he knew I was already gushing over him, alright! But he acted like a real gentleman.

Throughout the meeting, my heart kept racing at the sound of his voice. When we were finally alone, I thought I was losing my balance standing close to him. I would fidget and adjust my shoes to be sure I wasn’t standing on something.

Now we were at the restaurant, sitting right next to me, his gaze felt like a stab to my chest. I could barely breathe. To get hold of my grip, I drank the full glass of water in front of me in one gulp.

He smirked.

I bet he was having his fun at my expense. In my embarrassment I said, “I was very thirsty,” trying to sound as cool as possible. Clearly, he knew it was a lie.

He nodded and we both laughed.

Thankfully, the waiter came for our orders. Rowan took the liberty to order for both of us. Without asking what I wanted to eat, he told the waiter to bring two vegan milkshakes, one plate of sweet potato and mushroom cannelloni and vegan butternut squash tacos.

“No, I will have…,” I cut him short to let him know I’m not vegan because he practically ordered vegan food. What? I’m not eating any plant protein or whatever vegan drink he ordered on my behalf.

But he waved two fingers over his forehead to shut me up before I could express my objection. After the waiter left. He scanned my body — my body from my hair to my waist and said, “You need to lose at least 8 pounds if you are going to be at the next hockey games with me.”



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