He Said I Should Not Marry Because ‘I Won’t Submit’ to My Husband

Modern women want to submit to their husbands, but here is why they won’t.

Jessey Anthony


Why Modern Women Won’t Submit to Men
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I’ve been told that I’m incapable of submitting to a man so many times that it has become a broken record.

The first time a guy said that to me, he got mad that I wasn’t offended. The fact that I agreed with what he said infuriated him more than when I said men were to submit to their wives as women do.

In all my relationships including the casual ones, I’ve always found myself leaning towards the man’s guidance. I easily get turned off if I’m the one leading the conversation or relationship. Being the dominant partner doesn’t appeal to me.

Frankly, I can’t marry a man I won’t submit to, who won’t provide the environment for me to submit and who won’t submit to me. Submission comes naturally to me despite having some horrible experiences with toxic men.

The topic of submission is a serious matter that has destroyed many relationships and still will if we don’t do something to break the cycle. Modern dating culture is so superficial that most people have decided to quit dating.

I get obnoxious at the mention of a first date. I watched a TikTok video of a guy (about 27 years old) shaming a single mum for bringing her three kids to the restaurant on their first date. The woman came in with one child and left the other two in her car. This guy humiliated and disgraced this woman, called her all sorts of names and recorded the video as she walked into her car.

What happened to decorum?

He could have politely explained to the woman that this wasn’t what he signed up for and walked out. There was no need to make a scene. The woman must have been in a tight place and there was no one to watch her kids.

But the guy wasn’t taking any explanations. It’s like humility and compassion disappeared from his brain.

And these are the men we are supposed to submit to, right?

If you haven’t dated in the last six years, you might want to pull out your chair and keep your coffee at arms reach because you might find a breakthrough from what I’m about to share.



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