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My interests and most recent updates — September 4th, 2021


Hello there! I’m Jessey Anthony, freelance content creator, ghostwriter, traveler, fitness addict and an avid reader of interesting things. This bio is to give you a better sense of who I am — my interests and experiences.

What I can do for you as a freelance writer

  • Research industry-related topics
  • Prepare drafts using Content Management Systems
  • Submit work to editors for input and approval
  • Promote content on social media

Why you should work with me

  • I have a proven record of excellent writing demonstrated in a professional portfolio
  • I have a strong interpersonal skills and willingness to communicate with clients, colleagues, and management
  • I have the ability to work on multiple projects with different objectives simultaneously

You don’t need a botox to look or feel younger.

How To Keep Your Skin Looking Young And Wrinkle Free
Image by Andrew Poynton from Pixabay

We can’t outrun aging. It catches up with us all, but that doesn’t stop us from slowing it down and looking good as we age. Our skin is the first place old age begins to show, so to groom it is crucial.

Gray hair, sore bones, and wrinkles are natural changes that most people experience as they age.

In addition to using sunscreen and moisturizer, certain foundations can help moisturize and hide blemishes. The bad side to using beauty products is that they can also help speed up the aging process.

I have used some foundations that gave me terrible…

You can be successful even if your brain functions differently.

How to Learn to Focus and Concentrate with ADHD Brain
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Every Saturday evening, my trading buddies and I will hang out to analyze our trades for the following week. One of us, let’s call him Thomas, a jolly guy, had winning trades last week, so we decided he take us out for a treat. The rest of us, Lawrence, Vicky, Tim, and I, lost in most trades.

Thomas is a smart and shy person. We often tease him when he spaces out during a conversation or forgets to bring his journal to our meet. Sometimes, he comes in shabby clothes because he’s always in a hurry.

Thomas has excellent skills…

Most unsuccessful people miss out on this strategy.

How to be a Successful Influencer to Builds Your Brand
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Do you know why salespeople are some of the smartest people in every organization? It’s the ability to manipulate us into doing their bidding. One thing most salespeople do best is persuasion.

As much as I hate to admit it, their persuasive skill can make you turn a “no” into “yes,” no matter how hardcore you’ve disciplined yourself to resist manipulation.

The beauty of mastering a persuasive skill is that it can change your relationship with people, personally and professionally. …

The #1 threat to having a fulfilling life is fear of loneliness.

How to Build an Unbreakable Bond with Yourself
Photo by Vinicius Wiesehofer on Unsplash

You wake up in the morning. Grab your phone. Scroll down; no texts or phone calls from the person who once occupied your heart. You get depression. Snuggle up in your duvet, and wish you never woke up to the emptiness you feel.

You are in a relationship where your boundaries are constantly infringed. You want to get out. You know you should. Instead of getting out, you settle.

You push your needs aside to please others. You talk yourself into believing that connecting with others is what makes you happy. You worry about others more than yourself.

You do…

#3 will make him want you more.

How to Win Your Man Back
Photo by Sharon by Unsplash

Relationships are so hard. You worry if you don’t have one, and when you do, you worry they will leave you.

The younger me used to believe a relationship was a guarantee to my happy ending. Now the old me don’t want anything that has a commitment in it. It seems like life without a relationship is so much easier.

As much as I like being without a partner, I still want to keep my boys when they are good to me.

Although mine is temporary keeps, for those of you who prefer being in a committed relationship, I will…

If you can unlock your superbrain power, you can succeed in anything.

How to Increase Your Mental Ability to Work Smarter
Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

How would you like to instantly remember every single piece of information your brain absorbs, from birthdays and phone numbers to conversations and presentations?

If you are like me, who immediately forgets people’s faces, then you would know how embarrassing it is to meet the same person you met a day before and not remember who they are.

I have had friends and even relatives accuse me of blowing them off after a few hangouts. They assume I intentionally ignore them, while in reality, I just didn’t remember their faces.

Our inability to recall events or information affects our personal…

You can act confident even when you are not.

How to Show Confidence in an Interview
Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

I walked into the waiting room, pulled up my laptop, and started going through my presentation one more time.

I had spent the last 48 hours practicing my speech, getting familiar with hand gestures and other body language to appear confident and professional.

A five-star hotel was looking for an advertising agency to promote their new club. My team had won the in-house competition, so my Director appointed me to represent our company. It wasn’t my first time undertaking such projects or speaking with clients, but this time was different.

This was a million-dollar corporation, and the CEO, a 64-year…

Sometimes we don’t know we are our own greatest enemy.

How to Move Forward in Life When You Feel Stuck
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Growing up, we adopt both positive and negative memories from our parents and the environment we were raised. We easily remember criticisms and mistakes, and we let them control how we feel about ourselves.

Although, it’s human nature to spend more time on negative events than positive ones because we want to know why something went wrong so we can learn from it and prevent such occurrences in the future.

However, if your negative thoughts are casting a shadow on your life and blocking your personal growth, it will be wise to understand how you are holding yourself back from…

They hate when their worst nightmare comes true.

What to Expect When You Reject an Emotional Abuser
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

To be lost in love, to be consumed by it. I made him the center of my being. He was my everything. I had cut ties with all my friends. My family could barely recognize me. I had an estranged relationship with my colleagues. All because I was led to believe, everyone was jealous of our love.

Love makes us strong. Love also destroys us. I have lived and felt both sides of love. But the side that destroys has shut my heart to love. It isn’t worth it. I stopped believing in fairytales. …

Jessey Anthony

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