3 Tricks Shy People Use to Win Men’s Heart

A quick guide on how to build chemistry with your crush.

Jessey Anthony


How to Win a Guy’s Heart and Keep It
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

You know how smoldering and giggly shy people are when you ask them out. From all appearances, they look fragile and delicate. But how delicate are they if they are out there charming the hearts of every man they meet?

My friend, Cassie, is one of those people who hardly talk. Yet whenever we hang out, guys pay attention to her more than any of us girls. She is like a honey trap for men.

As usual, the curious me started to observe her moves. I wanted to know what makes her unforgettable to men.

I do not deny that their sensitive and sympathetic nature makes them wonderful companions, but there are things that they do on the first date that makes the man eager to see them a second, third, fourth, or maybe even a fifth time.

So if you want to know the secret to getting a second date with your crush, follow this simple guide.

But first, let’s take a look at how attraction works.

Understanding the law of attraction

Dating will be easier if we know the person we’re meeting will find our jokes funny before we pick out a location, select an outfit and dress up for the occasion.

Unknowns abound when dating someone new, so understanding the psychology of attraction can help your dating game.

According to science, attraction is the power to arouse feelings of desire, interest, or sympathy. The psychology of attraction refers to the study of the reasons why we are attracted to certain people over others.

Of course, there are a number of factors that determine who we want to be with, including personality traits, interests, values, and physical appearance. But when it comes to instant and reflected physical attraction, we often can’t pinpoint exactly why we’re attracted to someone.

Some very specific things go through our minds when we find that one special someone.

Our mind subconsciously determines whether every person we meet will be the right one for us. It happens before you even talk to them and that’s what triggers that little spark, that…



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